Details Matter at HARVEST wellness center

When you step into the newly opened HARVEST wellness center, you’ll quickly notice something special. This is no ordinary gym, and it certainly shows. From hand-selected workout equipment to breezy group fitness and yoga classes that open up to the outdoors, there’s something for everyone at any fitness level.

From the start, HARVEST was designed to be different. To encourage every person that walks through the door to live their life to the fullest, and to understand how vibrant life can be when we nurture our physical and mental self.

That’s the HARVEST guiding principle, and you can feel it in the way this community space is crafted down to the smallest details. During your next workout session, keep an eye out for some of these interesting elements of design that encourage you to be your best and have fun doing it!

Let’s start with the logo. The “A” in “V” in HARVEST certainly look modern and stylish, but they mean something even bigger. Together, the two symbols representing sowing and reaping. As in, when you put effort towards your fitness goals, you reap what you sow.

Now for the color palette. Each hue means something completely unique to HARVEST. Golden and green tones represent golden wheat and rich soil, reddish/pink tones symbolize the vibrant fruits of our labor, while soft vintage and slightly faded colors reflect the age-old truths and principles HARVEST represents.

Modern elements like this custom-made shoe bin were crafted by the HARVEST Founder, Chris Holder, who took vintage elevator grain bins (an agricultural tool) and repurposed them into this uniquely functional design element. See below for some before and after photos!




You’ll find plenty of other distinctive details that make this community space one-of-a-kind, too. Like this cool wooden bench, also hand-made by Chris Holder, and pieces created by local San Diego artists.

Take a look around and you’ll notice all of the live plants throughout the facility, tying in to the natural energy and spirit of HARVEST.

Quotes implemented throughout the wellness center offer motivational moments to pull you through a tough workout or to help you find a quiet moment of Zen in your day.

But there’s nothing like seeing the real thing. Ready to check it out? Plan a trip to The Village of Escaya today, and see our unbelievable new HARVEST wellness center for yourself. In the meantime, be sure to head over to our photo albums to see more of HARVEST.