From Expert to Owner: Hear Mike Pereyra’s story

You know you’re passionate about what you do when you go from new home sales agent to new home owner. Meet Mike Pereyra, a Brookfield Residential sales agent who took his love for the product to the next level. We chatted with Mike about his journey as a proud first-time buyer at The Village of Escaya.

Local Roots.

First, let’s get to know Mike. As mentioned, he’s a Brookfield Residential sales agent, born and raised in Bonita, a city neighboring Chula Vista. He has three young kids, ages six, four, and two (we’re sensing a pattern here, Mike) and a wife who has an awesome work-from-home career. “But when we move into our new home, I’ll be just up the street from work, so I’ll pretty much have a work-from-home situation too!” Talk about daily commute goals.

Why Escaya?

For Mike, the choice to make The Village of Escaya his family’s new home was an easy one. His top three reasons? The location, the people, and the school district. “I like being close to the freeway, while also not being too far inland. And my wife’s parents are just one exit away.” Besides being a prime grandparent-visiting locale, Mike liked that Escaya is made up of a younger crowd and a tight-knit community, “The place we’re moving from has a lot of people who are retired. But Escaya mostly has people our age, which means more playmates for the kids, and more friends as neighbors.” On top of that, the kiddos will have access to a network of high-performing schools, and a new K-6 in the heart of the community, coming soon.

Get Excited!

Sure, there’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to moving. But what Mike is most thrilled for is, “the smart-home technological advancements that make daily life simpler.” His new digs will be a Plan II ranch-style in the Haciendas home collection, a beautiful layout with more than enough space for his family of five. But the tech is what really hits home. “My previous place was built in 1990, so I’m definitely ready for something smarter.”


Words of Wisdom.

So what’s Mike’s parting advice for new homebuyers just starting the process? “Do some research on the builders you’re considering. Look at what kind of product they have out there, and what people think of them. There are so many great options to choose from at Escaya, and reaching out to the builders directly can really help you. Like Brookfield, who has a full concierge service to assist with your move.”


Now that you’ve heard Mike’s story, ready to start your own? Explore the full range of options available at The Village of Escaya by clicking here.