It takes a village to build Escaya

The story of Escaya is one of collaboration. National real estate developer, HomeFed Corporation, along with three of the top national home builders – Brookfield Residential, CalAtlantic Homes, and Shea Homes – and their three architects, got together to dream up the ideal new community for South SD. At Escaya, you’re getting more than just a house – you’re getting a collaboratively designed village and a uniquely crafted home. It’s a community planning love story with an ending you can be a part of.

The Home Building Process – what usually happens?

In a typical master planned community, a real estate developer works in a silo for quite a while. They design the lot sizes, hire marketing agencies to help determine what should be built, create building guidelines, and determine the architectural plans and square footage. Once all of this is done, the developer will then approach builders to execute the vision.

HomeFed did things a little differently for Escaya…

The builders were involved in the vision of Escaya from the beginning, offering suggestions for virtually everything – the mixed-use town center, park design, landscaping, and the kinds of amenities that would be important to the community. For example, they felt passionate about a local Swimclub so the developer added in a swimming pool.

Escaya is a true collaboration, right down to the curb appeal.

The builders also didn’t initially know which homes they would be building, so everyone was invested in making sure every design was the best it could be. Once all 27 floorplans were finalized the builders picked from a hat to decide which homes they would build.
The end result is floorplans and architecture of the highest quality and a charming curb appeal that’s less cookie cutter because all the home collections will be intermingled throughout the community.

What’s this mean for you?

It means you’re getting the best home from the best team at Escaya. The home buying process can be very daunting, but the best of the best planned and constructed Escaya because they all had an equal stake in it. Escaya is a well thought-out community because of all the industry experience and collaboration that went into its creation. Now it’s your turn to contribute to this unique village and be part of life at Escaya.