The big story behind The Little Escaya Library.

We are excited to welcome a new chapter to our wonderful community story: The Little Escaya Library! Located next to HARVEST wellness center, and inspired by the unique architecture of The Orchard Club, this free book exchange allows residents to share their favorite stories and discover new inspirations. And for fans of a great story, there’s a pretty neat one behind this new community feature…


Identical twin brothers Cooper and Camden Smith aren’t your typical San Diego teens. From a young age, they have been creating ambitious projects made from anything and everything they could find.



At just three years old, the boys began building projects like cardboard-box robots made of recyclables, and one of a kind pieces made from Legos and dominos. As time went on, no project seemed too big. Camden and Cooper started incorporating wood and advanced their tool kits to create go karts, skateboards, and master closet renovations.



After winning awards with their middle school robotics team, they decided to take their passion to another level and, at a mere 14 years old, have started their own brand, The Build it Bros When The Village of Escaya found out about these two woodworking wunderkinds, we couldn’t help but reach out to them for our Little Escaya Library. Their response was even better than we had hoped:

“We were excited when we were presented with the challenge to both mimic the style of the homes and clubhouse while maintaining the structural integrity of the build. The greatest satisfaction is knowing that it will be used by the Escaya community for years to come.”

To create the Little Escaya Library, The Build it Bros consulted with us and began sketching on a software called Sketchup. The boys considered the outdoor location of the library and details such as trim work and shiplap groves to create the perfect replica of The Orchard Club. We worked together to choose paint colors, hardware options, and ideas for the structure. The process couldn’t have been more collaborative, or fun!



All-in-all, this story will house so many others at The Village of Escaya community in the years to come. On August 11 2019, we invite you to come celebrate the opening of The Little Escaya Library from 11am-1pm at HARVEST wellness center on Camino Prado. Enjoy refreshments, live music, and kids activities while discovering the Build it Bros handiwork. While you’re here, exchange some books to round out your summer reading list!

To see more work by the Build it Bros, head over to their Instagram, @TheBuildItBros.